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Important AR-15 Part: Flash Suppressor

This small piece of metal is incredibly important, but often times not much attention is paid to it. A flash suppressor is designed to reduce recoil, lower overall flash produced while firing, along with

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Cast vs Billet vs Forged: Which is Best for Your Build

So you have finally decided to take on building your own AR-15, you head on over to 80% Lowers, or AR-15 Lower Receivers, and you see that there are multiple options. It might seem

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ARMaglock AR-15 Fixed Magazine & Release Solution

For the past eight years there have been more and more regulations put on gun control, gun legislation, and what the government and individual states define as different types of weapon classes. When it

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Why It’s Legal to Build Your Own AR-15 And Why You Should!

Every weapon enthusiast has thought about upgrading their arsenal and building their own weapons at some point or another. And there is no better or easier build than an AR-15. Now, about the legality,

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A Buyer’s Guide to 80% Lower Receivers

Whether you are about to embark on your first AR 15 lower receiver build, or your 10th, there is always a hard decision to make when you are first starting. Choosing what 80% lower

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Why Use an 80% Lower Receiver?

Whether you are just getting into the idea of an 80% lower receiver, or if you are an experienced operator who has made multiple AR-15s, it is always important to note, for the newbies,

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The Complete Guide to Building Your Own AR-15

When it comes to building an AR-15, there are so many different options, that it is somewhat difficult to narrow these options down to a comprehensive list. But we will go over the basics

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X Ways to Start Customizing Your AR-15

So you just bought a new AR-15, and you want to add a little bit of personality to your weapon to make it unique and more ‘you’. Customizing your weapon can easily become extraordinarily

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Is It Safe to Use Steel Cased Ammunition in an AR-15?

There has been a lot of misconception and taboo surrounding operators who choose to run steel cased ammo through their AR-15, but is it really that bad for your weapon? A lot of operators

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Are All AR-15 Magazines Interchangeable?

So you just bought an AR-15 and it came with two extra magazines, but you want a few more. After having just dropped $800 – $1300 bucks on your weapon, the wallet feels a

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