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So you just bought an AR-15 and it came with two extra magazines, but you want a few more.

After having just dropped $800 – $1300 bucks on your weapon, the wallet feels a bit thin, when they want to charge $40 for a magazine. So the question pops into your head, well, can I find an aftermarket brand, that will function properly with my weapon, without jamming, magazine release problems, or feed errors. Because honestly, the aftermarket brand is much more agreeable with your pocket.

But the worries of a non-functioning weapon on the range or in combat is enough to make you wonder if it’s actually worth it so spend the extra cash getting the name brand. Though it is almost always better to get the same brand magazine as your weapon, this is not true with AR-15’s, thankfully.

To start at the lower end of the spectrum, we have Tapco Industries which are affordable, however, are not necessarily the most reliable aftermarket magazine manufacturer. Tapco, along with other manufacturers, have gone with the polymer platform for magazines, for the simple purpose of reduction of weapon weight and combat load.

On the same end of the cheaper options, there is ProMag Industries, which specialize in both polymer and steel magazines. But again, when it is worth your life or first place in a shooting competition, it pays to have the very best. For an everyday gun enthusiast the polymer or steel magazine option from Promag is well worth its weight and price.

On the other end of the spectrum, getting into the more expensive options, C Products Defense. This manufacturer is known for making excellent steel case magazines that have had less known failures than other manufacturers.

Though the price for these magazines can vary, they are in general more expensive than the previously mentioned manufacturers and suppliers.

C Products Defense magazines are equipped with bright orange indicators on the inside of the AR-15 magazines, in order to show when the magazine is empty. In doing so, this can amplify being able to see when your magazine is running low or empty in the daylight and also when it is beginning to get dark.

On the high end of the price spectrum, the most reliable company to build magazines for AR-15 type rifles is none other than MagPul Industries: PMags. PMags are virtually indestructible and perform at the highest level of excellence for any enthusiast or operator.

Most gun shops such as a widely popular store in Pennsylvania, Relic Hunter Firearms, have all of these options available either in store, or can easily order. Along with having the ability to answer any and all questions regarding your AR-15 and AR-15 magazine options.

Concerning different caliber options for your AR-15, there are two: 5.56mm/223 or .22LR. Though, for the .22LR (Long Rifle) ammunition requires a conversion kit to fire this caliber, along with their own custom made .22LR magazines. .22LR ammunition, in general, is cheaper than any other caliber in the world. So it would be beneficial to you to purchase the conversion kit and appropriate magazines to fire this caliber.

There are plenty of options for interchangeable magazines for you AR-15, it is solely personal preference on which one you choose to purchase, and how much you want to spend on extra AR-15 magazines.


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