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For the past eight years there have been more and more regulations put on gun control, gun legislation, and what the government and individual states define as different types of weapon classes.

When it comes to the difference between state and government laws concerning gun laws they vary vastly from state to state, but the one constant are the government standards.

The United States government has set up a series of laws, that each and every state must follow without fail. Now where the states come into place are with their own sets of laws. Each state has the option to pass state specific gun laws that will pile on top of the government laws.

There are a few states, and even specific cities that enforce their own set of regulations, to name a few of the more popular states: California, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. There are cities within these states and others that have even more laws than the state, such as Philadelphia, PA and Chicago, IL

Now, when it comes to the AR-15 and ‘assault rifles’ California, Connecticut, and New York, each of these states have made efforts to enforce more strict laws than ever before, often referred to as the Gunpocalypse of 2016.

How California, Connecticut, and New York have recently changed the wording of their new laws all sound strangely familiar, but they indicate that any rifle that has a detachable magazine plus certain “evil features” will become unlawful by 2018.

But if you happen to live in one of these states, you have less to fear than you might think after reading all of the new nonsensical laws that these states have passed.

Salvation for the AR

The AR Maglock is the solution for AR owners in these states. It was first dreamed up when California had originally had first redefined their laws concerning detachable magazine even those that have to be detached using a tool.

The AR Maglock allows AR’s to be legal in these states because it replaces the magazine release and the magazine is then locked into place when the action is then put back together.

Once the Maglock device is installed on your weapon, you must pull the rear takedown pin, which will then release the upper receiver from the lower receiver, (the front takedown pin will still be in place so don’t worry (your AR will still be held together) then you be able to release the magazine.

This sounds like it would take a long time, but it really is not as arduous as it might sound. Some of the Maglock options have become easier to use and reload, coming with the option for a circle ring attached to the rear takedown pin on that will help speed up the process to remove the pin. 

The small lever will only work properly when there is no pressure being put on the upper receiver. It is essentially an extended takedown pin. I believe it to be quicker than the bullet button but by no means better than a standard mag release.
And of course, in true AR-15 style, the installation of the AR Maglock is exceedingly simple and quick. Only taking about 5 or so minutes to install, it is the perfect and legal solution for weapon owners in these states that are becoming more and more strict with their weapon regulations.


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