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X Ways to Start Customizing Your AR-15

So you just bought a new AR-15, and you want to add a little bit of personality to your weapon to make it unique and more ‘you’. Customizing your weapon can easily become extraordinarily

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by rifleguard | 2:11 pm

Are All AR-15 Magazines Interchangeable?

So you just bought an AR-15 and it came with two extra magazines, but you want a few more. After having just dropped $800 – $1300 bucks on your weapon, the wallet feels a

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by rifleguard | 1:21 pm

AR-15 Accessories You Should Own

When it comes to AR-15’s and accessories, there are a few must haves for any and all operators and a couple more upgrades for advanced operators. For example, three scopes, or optical systems, that

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