by rifleguard | 7:31 am

Is It Safe to Use Steel Cased Ammunition in an AR-15?

There has been a lot of misconception and taboo surrounding operators who choose to run steel cased ammo through their AR-15, but is it really that bad for your weapon? A lot of operators

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by rifleguard | 2:11 pm

Are All AR-15 Magazines Interchangeable?

So you just bought an AR-15 and it came with two extra magazines, but you want a few more. After having just dropped $800 – $1300 bucks on your weapon, the wallet feels a

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by rifleguard | 2:27 pm

Can I Use .22LR Ammo in my AR-15?

Ammunition can be expensive, and is increasingly so, every year. Finding ways to maximize the amount of ammo you get for the price is definitely at the top of the list of priorities. Luckily

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