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Why Use an 80% Lower Receiver?

Whether you are just getting into the idea of an 80% lower receiver, or if you are an experienced operator who has made multiple AR-15s, it is always important to note, for the newbies,

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The Complete Guide to Building Your Own AR-15

When it comes to building an AR-15, there are so many different options, that it is somewhat difficult to narrow these options down to a comprehensive list. But we will go over the basics

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How to Prevent Your AR-15 from Jamming

The AR-15 civilian version of the M-16 is one of, if not the most widely purchased and used firearm that is in circulation today, along with years passed. The AR-15 is light, compact, sleek,

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Barrel Twist Rates – What You need to know when choosing a barrel for your AR-15

When it comes to the barrel of your AR-15, it is important to note that almost every and all barrels produced by different manufacturers, and different models all have different and varying barrel twist

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