by Rifle Guard | 10:33 pm

Important AR-15 Part: Flash Suppressor

This small piece of metal is incredibly important, but often times not much attention is paid to it. A flash suppressor is designed to reduce recoil, lower overall flash produced while firing, along with

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by Rifle Guard | 10:25 pm

Cast vs Billet vs Forged: Which is Best for Your Build

So you have finally decided to take on building your own AR-15, you head on over to 80% Lowers, or AR-15 Lower Receivers, and you see that there are multiple options. It might seem

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by Rifle Guard | 9:00 pm

ARMaglock AR-15 Fixed Magazine & Release Solution

For the past eight years there have been more and more regulations put on gun control, gun legislation, and what the government and individual states define as different types of weapon classes. When it

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