by Rifle Guard | 10:33 pm

This small piece of metal is incredibly important, but often times not much attention is paid to it. A flash suppressor is designed to reduce recoil, lower overall flash produced while firing, along with the fact that it can also be used as a general shock reducer. Some flash suppressors even have the ability to reduce sound, not to be confused with a silencer and or Class 3 suppressor.

The flash that occurs at the end of your barrel while firing is produced by excess powder residue left from previous firing. The primary purpose of a flash suppressor can be easily found in the name of the part. Seems simple enough, but a lot of operator’s tend to ignore the importance of a high quality flash suppressor.
A high grade flash suppressor can run you up to a couple hundred bucks, but you could easily find a cheaper version from any local gun shop, or even online, for as little as $20. But the price you want to pay all depends on the quality of the metal, how well you want the flash suppressed, and what the part looks like. These all come into play when looking to buy a flash suppressor.


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