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How to Prevent Your AR-15 from Jamming

The AR-15 civilian version of the M-16 is one of, if not the most widely purchased and used firearm that is in circulation today, along with years passed. The AR-15 is light, compact, sleek,

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Barrel Twist Rates – What You need to know when choosing a barrel for your AR-15

When it comes to the barrel of your AR-15, it is important to note that almost every and all barrels produced by different manufacturers, and different models all have different and varying barrel twist

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Can I Use .22LR Ammo in my AR-15?

Ammunition can be expensive, and is increasingly so, every year. Finding ways to maximize the amount of ammo you get for the price is definitely at the top of the list of priorities. Luckily

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AR-15 Accessories You Should Own

When it comes to AR-15’s and accessories, there are a few must haves for any and all operators and a couple more upgrades for advanced operators. For example, three scopes, or optical systems, that

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