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So you just bought a new AR-15, and you want to add a little bit of personality to your weapon to make it unique and more ‘you’.

Customizing your weapon can easily become extraordinarily expensive in a hurry, so what are a couple cheap customizations that any operator can afford that will add that extra little bit of badass to your weapon?

A scope or optics system is always a great option for any and all operators. Scopes and optics systems are not horrendously expensive, and are an almost necessary addition to your weapon system.

The next easy customization is an upgrade grip, most operators use the Magpul brand. The grips themselves are very inexpensive, and a great option for an easy upgrade on your AR-15.

The next upgrade an operator can get is a new stock. For whatever reason, the factory stock on AR-15s are not at all popular. They are typically the first upgrade that operators make.

There is nothing functionally wrong with the stocks, they are just not very comfortable to shoot with, and they are not very aesthetically pleasing either.

But this is a completely optional customization, but you can easily find a new stock, such as a side folding or extendable stock on various websites easily and they’re not too expensive.

Some operators like to upgrade to a nicer sling as well for their AR-15. But this is also not at all necessary for the functionality of your weapon. It is just a nice addition to have.

When you’re at the range for an extended amount of time, it is nice to be able to just let your AR-15 hang on your back if you wanted to change it up and shoot a pistol or something like that.

It is also nice to have a good quality sling if you are running drills with your AR-15. Running a few rounds through your AR and then letting it hang off your body and quickly switching to your handgun of choice.

A great way to increase your shooting speed, but make sure your accuracy is on point before doing any such drills.


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